Joey David Yeo


He's Your Go-to Guy to Close that Deal

Joey David Yeo is the founder and CEO of Visionnaires Capital. Since 2008, he has been working in the corporate advisory sector, starting at Spring Singapore, an agency under the Ministry of Trade and Industry in Singapore that helps Singapore enterprises in financing, technology and innovation and access to markets. There, he oversaw over 30 SMEs and supported them in raising capital through venture capitalists, government grants and other channels.

Known for his expertise in deal-making – especially in the areas of raising capital and merger and acquisitions (M&A) – as well as financial due diligence management, legal due diligence management and enterprise valuation enhancement, he has quickly become the go-to guy who helps growth-stage enterprises in raising money and companies looking for M&A opportunities.

His passion is to groom and empower Asian entrepreneurs by helping them find the right strategic investors or partners to grow and expand their business. Through his close-knitted relationships with angel investors, venture capitalists, institutional investors and equity firms nurtured over the years, plus his honed financial acumen and astute negotiation skills, he makes things happen.

He believes that his personal values of trustworthiness, respect for others and loyalty mean more to his clients and partners than any clever slogans or marketing collaterals. To him, it is important that one continues to develop wisdom and competencies, a journey that would take a lifetime, or possibly more.

Joey also has a type “C” personality – he is razor-focused on Closing deals.

If you think Joey can help you, get in touch with him. He would love to share his many stories with you.