Financial Strategy and Corporate Advisory

Empowering Your Business Growth Through Financial Strategy And Corporate Solutions

Many start-ups are founded with an end in mind, with popular exit strategies that include outright trade sale and Initial Public Offering (IPO). Even if your company is not ready to execute an exit strategy, you want to ensure that its financial and corporate management is well structured for accelerated growth.

Whatever your next phase of development is, Visionnaires Capital’s solution-driven, tailor-made corporate advisory and financial strategy service can help you chart out your growth path from a financial perspective to maximise your company’s value. These include:

  • Identify and remedy the current gaps in your financial/business structure that may impede growth or exit strategy in the near future
  • Determine critical success factors by offering an independent and objective financial perspective
  • Prepare and assess strategies and timeline for an exit plan

As a Spring Singapore certified Financial Management Consultant, Visionnaires Capital can help companies apply for the Capability Development Grant (CDG) for qualifying projects. CDG is a financial assistance programme that helps Singapore-incorporated companies build capabilities across key business areas and supports a wide range of capability upgrading initiatives to help companies grow their businesses locally and globally. The grant defrays up to 70 percent of qualifying project costs, including consultancy fee.

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