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Seeing Value When Others Don’t

Companies seek valuation for different purposes: they may be purchasing or selling a firm, merging with other firms or raising capital for the firm.

With a proven track record of reviewing hundreds of company financials, we have the experience in valuing companies that span diverse industries, both online and offline. Employing standard industry valuation methods such as Discounted Cashflow (DCF), market comparables, EV/EBITDA Multiple, PE multiple and others, we have the technical knowledge and expertise to help companies derive at an optimal valuation.

At Visionnaires Capital, however, we look beyond just the numbers in your books and accounts. We believe every company has its intrinsic value, each offering different dynamics and values that are not quantified. Thus, we often take a step back and evaluate the whole picture – your company’s innovation, talents, brand, customer base, competitive advantage, potential, and many more. We do so because we believe at times, companies are worth more than what is reflected in their financial statements.

By getting an in-depth insight into the entirety of your company, we strategise and engineer the right positioning and angle the right pitch to potential investors and arrive at the best valuation for your company.

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